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Jess Irvine

RFX Coach

I started CrossFit in 2014 and I have never looked back. I used to go to the gym to lose weight. I participated in group fitness, ran on the treadmill, and made up my own routine which became very monotonous. It wasn’t until I was introduced to CrossFit, that my focus changed from calorie burning and losing weight to training and performance. The community and lifestyle changed my whole perspective, and I have become a fitter and healthier version of myself. I have a passion for all aspects of CrossFit. I love the process, training hard, the competition, and pushing myself to my absolute limits, and past what I ever thought possible. I love to coach and teach people new skills, correct technique, and how to push themselves physically and mentally to achieve their health and fitness goals. I have a passion for empowering people and believe that it all starts with a change in perspective.

IG: @jessirvine12