Step 1

Start Your 7 days Free

At RFX we are so adamant you will love training here we want to give you a week free to see for yourself. No obligation trial to see what CrossFit is all about and how it will help you to become the fittest and healthiest version of you.

Step 2

Beginners Program

At RFX we understand it can seem a little intimidating when you first start out in CrossFit but we want to show you that it is quite the opposite; it is an amazing supportive environment where all levels of fitness are accepted and our coaches are here to support you in your journey!!

We have developed our beginners program to help you get started. Every single one of our workouts are designed with various progression to suit each level of strength and fitness and the coaches will be there to assist and guide you through each session.

Although our primary goal is to get you introduced to the other members and attend our main CrossFit classes, we have added a specific beginners class each week for you to attend for the first 3 weeks of your journey to help you to learn the basic skills and techniques of CrossFit to give you the best start to your journey.

Along with these classes, we have put together an action plan for you to follow to give you the best chance to start this new healthy habit and keep it going!

Step 3

Continue the Journey

Once you have completed our Beginners program, your journey to learning and progressing will continue. By now you should have integrated into our classes and have seen some amazing results. We run a structured training program to ensure you continue to get great results and can see your improvements to your Health and Fitness on a regular basis. Together with the coaches helping you and the community there to support, your CrossFit habit will be there for the long term ensuring you live the healthy and free lifestyle you truly deserve!



 The best part is that our CrossFit memberships include full access to the Roar 24/7 gym as well. RFX boxes are run by experienced and knowledgeable coaches who provide an exceptional service. Our coaches are approachable, passionate and supportive with each coach offering a unique style and skill set which helps tp develop a well-rounded team. 


Canning Vale

280 Amherst Road Canning Vale WA 6155


9, 49 Armadale Rd Cockburn, WA 6164

Bibra Lake

23 Port Kembla Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163